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Rhinomodeling: quick and effective procedure that allows you to remodel the nose, achieving a 100% aesthetic transformation without the need to perform surgery.

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Lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid filling in the lips is the most effective treatment to give volume, hydrate or profile them. 

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Nutrition: Achieve balance in your life, achieve your goals and improve your health with 100% personalized menus, adapted to your lifestyle, tastes and needs.

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Lifting nasolabial folds: With hyaluronic acid, we achieve a natural and youthful appearance, disappearing or fading the well-known puppet wrinkles that form over the years. 

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Chin augmentation is performed mainly to balance the appearance of the face, we can give it new shape and volume. 

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A cheekbone augmentation is the medical-aesthetic process that seeks to achieve firm, attractive and defined cheekbones, an appearance that will give the face harmony and youth.

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Botox injections are used to reduce wrinkles, but also to treat health problems, such as excessive sweating.

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Wart removal: 100% safe, fast and effective procedure, treated with fractional laser, results in a single session.

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Body shaping with apparatus. The main objective of this service is to reduce the accumulation of fat in specific areas of our body, achieving a significant reduction in size and shaping of the silhouette. 

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A facial diagnosis or skin diagnosis relies on technology to perform an efficient and in-depth dermatological analysis. 

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dFading of fine wrinkles and greater contribution of luminosity to the face. It is a unique procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection at the same time, resulting in cleaner, smoother skin. 

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Ionic detoxification: combination of technology with immersion of feet in water with ionic salts, which will help us expel the toxins accumulated by our body, thus achieving balance and energy for our body.

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Reshapes the figure by eliminating fat, cellulite and reducing body flaccidity. Increases blood circulation of fatty tissue. 

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Facial lifting: Also known as facial lifting or rejuvenation, worked with a fractional CO2 laser to renew the appearance of the skin, saying goodbye to wrinkles, cacarizos, sun spots and sagging. You can work on the face, neck and décolleté.

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Lymphatic drainage: 100% manual Brazilian technique massage, where you will lose retained fluids and toxins, helping your body feel lighter and more energetic. Ask about our post-operative drains!

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Work the muscles of your face, redefine its shape and avoid premature sagging with incredible facial yoga.

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Laser hair removal: Definitive hair removal system with tri-diode technology, which in addition to permanent and painless results, depigments skin with photodamage or pigmented by the use of razor or waxes. 

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Spiritual therapies: Knowing and connecting with your body, mind and soul is our specialty! Also called Holistic Therapies.

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